5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website

5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website

I have seen a lot of people during my blogging career, asking whether WordPress is better than static HTML for a website. While I got this question during my starting as a front-end developer I had HTML as my answer. But as I learned more about HTML pages and WordPress CMS, I found myself wrong. Today I will confidently suggest WordPress to anyone over HTML page. Whether it be a blog, a business website, or anything WordPress is the perfect answer you deserve. There are many reasons for this. Read through to find out the top 5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website.

5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website

Top 5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website

Whoever who fish to start a new website will get this question if they have researched enough about it. I have seen many developers claiming HTML pages to be the best choice. But I could only see this as a cheap marketing trick. I will change my answer if someone proves me wrong in this case, and anyone is welcome to do this too. But read the 5 reasons why I suggest WordPress as the best option before you challenge me.

1. Cheap

A well-known truth among professional web developers today is that you will not get a better CMS than WordPress even if you are ready to pay. The best available CMS today is entirely free and anyone can use it. You won’t find anything cheaper than WordPress, also you won’t find anything better than that. You will only have to pay for Domain and hosting and the content management is entirely free when WordPress is used. But when it comes to a website, you will have to pay for every single change you want to make.

2. Easy to update

Updating something with WordPress CMS is easy as updating your Facebook status. You simply have to make the new one and just publish it. But when it comes to a static website you will have to go through the entire code to make the needed change. This might also make undesired changes to the structure of the website itself. So it is a tedious job updating something on a static website. WordPress is the clear winner with a big margin here.

3. Pre-installed and tested themes

This is one important advantage of WordPress. Unlike a static website where you have to code from header to footer at once. And play with long lines of CSS to design it. And then again play with media queries to fix this into various screen sizes. WordPress offers you millions of themes, both free and premium ones. All these themes are tested to be responsive to all screen sizes. You simply have to select a theme and make the changes.

4. Powerfull

With a lot of plugins and widgets, WordPress with no doubt is powerful than an HTML static website. You can add more widgets and tools to get the desired result from your WordPress site.  From better SEO to affiliate marketing everything is supported by well tested professional plugins on WordPress. You can add or remove plugins as you wish to.

5. Easy to manage

WordPress sites are easy to manage and moreover, you can do it your self. You also have options to add team members and assign roles. You don’t need a developer to assist you everytime you need a change. This also helps you save cost to a larger extent.

Hope you are clear with the 5 reasons why WordPress is better than static HTML website. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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