5 ways to make money online with your blog

5 ways to make money online with your blog

There have been a lot of queries from a variety of people, and the most of them asked how to make money with a blog. But before starting let me clear of the most important thing, that this is not a get rich quick scheme. As the usage of internet reached its peaks, people start to research online for anything and everything. And there will only be a minority who never searched the internet for making money fast. Blogging will not get you rich out of nowhere doing nothing. You should consider blogging as a passionate job and give it the resource, and then only you can expect a good return from it. This means that there are ways to make money online with your blog, but it depends on your contribution.

5 ways to make money online with your blog

If you ask me whether you can earn a significant income, the answer will be yes. But you will have to work for it and the main key here is to be consistent. No matter what niche you are writing o, the content is what helps you earn. You should optimize your content and drive in readers, and the money you earn increases as the reader base increases. If you are confident enough in this, read below to find out the ways to make money online with your blog.

5 ways to make money online with your blog

The way in which you can get income from your blog is by monetizing it. There are different ways to monetize your blogs. The 5 different, effective, and legit ways to do this with your blog is listed below, please read through.

1. Google Adsense ads

If you are someone who uses the internet, Google Adsense will be familiar to you. Google Adsense is something used by a lot of people to monetize their blogs and website. You will need an Adsense account with Google to start earning from it. But Google will only provide an account if your website is good enough, and Google will decide this through a simple verification process. Once you get an account you can simply keep ads of different sizes and forms on your website using codes provided to you. The Google Adsense uses a Cost per Click method, where you will get paid for getting clicks on the ads.

2. Affiliate links

Earning through affiliate links works on a commission basis. With an affiliate link, you will be recommending a product or service for your readers. When anyone purchases these following your link, you will get a commission. The good thing about Affiliate earning is that you can also refer a friend or a family member to buy the product or service even outside your blog. There are a lot of websites from where you can obtain a variety of affiliate links associated with different kinds of business. You can simply get links that will interest your readers and place it on your blog. The most common affiliate link providers are CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) and ShareASale.

3. Sell Ads

We have already discussed Google Adsense ads, selling ads is different from those. While Google Adsense is based on clicks and views on your blog but direct selling ads is not. In this method we will discuss with a company for keeping their ads on your blog page will come to specific terms. So you will get a fixed income from the ads, unlike Google Adsense which will pay you for clicks and views. But the companies won’t provide you ads if you don’t have enough traffic. So this method is only recommended to use if you have reached a significant traffic rate.

4. Sponsored posts

Adding sponsored posts is a good way to earn money online with your blog. In this, you will get paid for posting some blogs about a sponsored client or company. Like directly selling ads this method also need your blog to have a significant traffic. So it is recommended that you contact sponsors after you have reached a good traffic rate.

5. Reviews

This is somewhat similar to sponsored content. In this, you get paid for writing reviews about different products and services. An example can be an Android-based blog getting paid for writing reviews about a new device on market. You will be provided with the device which you can use for few days and write a review on. You can contact companies to fix a deal like this, but you will only get accepted if your blog has good traffic.

Hope you are clear with all the 5 ways to make money online with your blog. If you have any queries or feedback please leave a comment below.

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