Why you should avoid free web hosting services?

Why you should avoid free web hosting services?

As a newbie into the world of blogging, a great misconception happens when you ask yourself a need for paid hosting when it is available for free. It is true that there are a lot of free web hosting service providers. Few such providers including the blogger.com and wordpress.com are very popular today. I have seen a lot of people blindly choosing to build blogs using these providers. To be very frank, even my first blog used a free web hosting service and the experience was not so good. There are many reasons to avoid free web hosting services. Please read through to find out more.

Why you should avoid free web hosting services?

There are many bloggers who are still using these free web hosting services. If you are just trying to get a space to exhibit your ideas then a free hosting can do the job. But if you are serious about blogging and want to do this to earn a good income, free hosting services can’t help. Although they market well to get you to them, the real truth strikes you when you reach the point of earning.

5 reasons to avoid free web hosting services?

Although the free hosting services are the cheapest way to blog, there are several problems with them. 5 reasons which make a free hosting service bad for you is listed below.

1. You can lose your blog anytime

A free blog in with a free web hosting provider is like living in a rented house without paying the rent. You don’t have any authority over the rented house and the landlord can through you out anytime. If the hosting provider decided to shut down or remove all of their data you will lose all the blogs you have posted so far. For someone who took blogging seriously and wrote a lot of blogs, this can be the worst nightmare. All your hard work can go in vain just like that.

2. It is less secure

Most of the free hosting providers don’t have the best of security features. You and your information are always prone to attacks from hackers. If something like that happens you might lose all of your data. In addition to that your personal information may also get misused.

3. The servers cant control high traffic

The servers available with the free hosting providers are not powerful enough to handle high traffic. So there is an extent up to which you can get the audience for your blog. When it comes to blogging, the real success relies on the number of visitors. The more the visitors, the more income you get. But free hosting services won’t work very well with too many visitors.

4. You cant sell blogs

As a newbie writer selling a blog will be something new to hear. But successful bloggers have sold many of their blogs for a huge amount. Building a blog is similar to building a brand. When the brand gets more popular, so does the value of it. But no matter how popular a free hosted blog gets, you are not a full owner of it and you cant sell it at any time.

5. Income is minimal

There is one thing which no free hosting providers show in their marketing ad. There is a limit to which you can earn from a free hosted blog. But there are successful bloggers who earn crores every year. If you are targetting to be someone like them, then clearly say a no to free hosting services.

Although free hosting services let you blog without spending a penny, there is a lot of limitation with them. Buying a domain and hosting is always the professional way to go. Today many providers can get your domain and hosting at a very low price and it is nothing which one cant afford. When considering the amount of income such a blog can get you, the first paid cost is nothing to compare. So if you are serious about blogging, considering buying a domain and hosting for yourself.

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