How to create a good domain name for your blog

How to create a good domain name for your blog

Hello, if you are reading this article, I assume that you have read my previous blog on THINGS TO DO BEFORE STARTING YOUR OWN BLOGGING BUSINESS. If not I would recommend you to read it before this to brace yourself for the blogging business. Starting a blogging business on a fine day and getting successful is a real far dream for a newbie. You need to take care of certain things to be successful here because there are millions of bloggers out there. Blogging is a very competitive field, but with small hurdles to cross. If you move planned you can surely cross all hurdles up the path of blogging. And the first hurdle everybody tries to cross carelessly and fall apart is nothing but the domain name of the blog itself. Check out this guide on how to create a good domain name for your blog.

The domain name is the identity of your blog online. This is how people see you on the internet. A blog name is something which is going to be a brand in near future. While blogging you are doing nothing but branding it in front of your potential reader. When a brand name looks good, the brand just feels good for an average reader. And this is why you should be extra careful in choosing the name of your blog. Here I’m providing some tips which will help you in selecting a good domain name choosing your blog.

How to create a good domain name for your blog

Make sure it is relevant

Your blog name gives the readers an idea of what is it about, so making it relevant is very important. If your name and content don’t match you are not going to get any visitors. Your blog name should be relevant to:

  • The niche of your blog
  • The targeted audience

The main aim is to make an average potential reader understand what kind of content is available on your blog. This is the only way you can get link clicks from random users, nobody is gonna do a detailed search on your blog and waste their time. The simplest way you can do is to list out all domain names which comes to your mind and striking out those which are not relevant.

Select something which is easy to remember

Never complicate your domain name and try to look cool, this never helps. It should be a meaning full name that is easy to pronounce and remember for a normal person. An easily recognizable name that won’t confuse your readers is the perfect name. So from the list, you got after striking out the irrelevant name, strike out all the complicated ones too.

Don’t make it too long

Keeping your domain names short is always good. Too long domain names are hard to remember and in the time of short URLs, a long domain name can be a big problem. A domain name of perfect length should be less than 10 letters or should not contain more than 3 words. If you cant shorten it up to to 10 words because of the type of your business, at least try not to cross 3 words. Take your striking list again and remove all the long domain names.

Avoid special characters

USe of special characters like hyphens is not recommended. Make sure you make the domain name without any special character in between. This is because your readers won’t remember the use of these hyphens or special characters every time, and they may end up with a broken link. This can to an extent affect the number of views you get. So if you have anything with a special character in your striking list I recommend removing them.

Check availability

Now you will be having very few domain names after all the filtering that we have done. You should now check the availability of these names. There are chances that some other guy like you already acquiring the domain name you wanted. The best way to search is by going into GoDaddy or BigRock and entering the desired domain name. If it is available they will list out all the extension in which the name is available. I will recommend choosing a .com extension for your blog, as the majority of sites acquiring top search engine rankings comes with a .com extension. If you are very sure that you will be concentrating a specific country, you can choose the country specific domain extension.

Hope you have got the perfect domain name for your blog now. If you have any queries or feedback please leave a comment below.




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