How to get started with a WordPress blog (BigRock & BlueHost)

Getting a blog can be more than just a platform to share your thoughts. Blogging is something with a big potential to turn in to a fully fledged business. With enough time given and strategies taken you can be a successful blogger and get a steady income from your blog. In total blogging is a business with the most minimal investment. All you need is a few dollars, interest, ideas, and your time. If you are ready to invest all of these read below the steps to get started with a WordPress blog.

How to get started with a WordPress blog and

Let me clear a big confusion faced by anyone who is just stepping into the world of blogging. This is about the two domain version of the well known WordPress data management system. The is the free version of it where a user can easily start a free blog with a extension after their blog. is also a free data management system which requires you to have a personal domain and hosting. This article is about starting a blog with the data management system as the back-end. If you have a doubt on why not go for check out the blog from the link given below.


Steps to get started with a WordPress blog

Starting a blog includes three main steps, which are:

  1. Getting a domain (BigRock)
  2. Getting a hosting (BlueHost)
  3. Installing WordPress

Getting a domain

A domain name is the most basic thing you need to have for starting a blog. If you are confused about the domain name you should select for your blog, please refer to the blog link given below about selecting a domain name.


There are a lot of domain name providers available today. A domain name won’t cost you a lot, you can get a domain name of your choice with few dollars. I would suggest BigRock for domain registration. I personally use BigRock for my domains and I’m fully satisfied with the cost and support they are providing. The steps to register a domain with BigRock are:


1.Click on this link or go to

2. Enter your desired domain name and click on “search domain” button

3. From the search result click on the add cart button next to your desired domain name with extension

4. Click on checkout button, which appears on the right side

5. Select the subscription plan and again click on the checkout button

6. Click on continue checkout button (ignore the hosting plan)

7. Check the order summary and click on next button

8. Select the payment mode and complete your payment


Getting a hosting

Hosting is where your blog files will be stored and I will suggest you BlueHost hosting. Although BigRock provides hosting plan too, it is good if you keep the domain and hosting on different providers. This is because BigRock is specialized in domains and BlueHost in hosting. So it will benefit you if you go with the specialized providers for the two things.  The steps to buying a hosting on BlueHost are:

1. Click on this link, or go to

2. Select the desired plan according to your budget, as you are just starting i would recommend you to select the basic plan

3. In this step, you can either choose to enter a new domain or enter the existing one. As you have already bought the domain you can enter it as an existing one and click next

4.Choose the subscription plan and check for the final price and click next

5. Complete the payment


Installing WordPress

Now as you got the domain and hosting ready you are all set to start the blog. For this, you need to install WordPress on your hosting server. After you have bought your hosting you will be given a confirmation link to your email. You need to follow the link to generate a password. After this, you can access the control panel where you can install WordPress and start blogging. The steps to do this are:

1. When on the hosting dashboard click on install WordPress

2. Click on the continue installation button

3. Enter your domain and click next

4. Enter the desired password for your admin account when prompted


With this step, you have successfully installed WordPress on your hosting. you will get the installation details with the link to the login and other details. You can now log in to your blog and customize the way your blog will look and start posting. The steps to select a theme and customize it on WordPress will be covered soon on another blog, please stay tuned.

Hope the guide was clear and helpful for you. If you have any queries or feedback leave a comment below.



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