Why should you quit job and start blogging today

Why should you quit job and start blogging today?

All the men know how different is the age before and after 20. From the student, status happened to have until you are twenty, changes into a professional. And the typical society always thinks it as an age where you should climb into a corporate company. The ad then till death many people hung on that chair in front of one of those computers, and tell us how successful they are as a professional. But all their stressful days and sleepless nights know how hard it is. This is why I’m suggesting you, to quit job and start blogging.

If you are one of those so-called frustrated corporate profile, read this and I might be able to change your life. I can even help you if you are one of those wannabe corporate professionals who is fed up shooting emails for HRs. Maybe as the one who is dreaming a job in that AC cabin of a corporate office, you might feel this as a complete nonsense. But ask someone who completed atleast one month in that dream place yours, they will tell without even thinking that please quit your search today. If you cant find someone like that, ask me and find here all the answers I have for you.

3 reasons to quit job and start blogging today

Ask me in person and I would talk about the benefits of blogging business for hours. But I never like to make a reader get bored, so I will list here the main 3 reasons I would tell you.

Flexibility of work

This is the first thing I will tell anyone who asks me why I choose to blog full time. In a blogging business, you are your own boss, and you choose when and how to work. You never need to miss any important function and you will never again miss your spouse’s birthdate. You choose your work timings, you choose your holidays, and you even choose how much to earn. There is no boss or project manager to stress you when you are blogging.

The underrated salary package

There was a time when IT professionals had a salary package which was clearly overrated. When big IT firms started paying lakhs per month for even freshers young professionals started to rush in. This itself is what MAde big IT parks to grow up in various cities. But the thing has changed into a worse condition today. The salary packages provided to freshers or even the experienced professionals are very low. When considering the amount of stress and work timing you take the salary is nothing. The biggest example can be my first month of blogging after quitting a job when I earner 20k, which was higher than the package I was given in an IT firm.

Minimum investment business

Every young professional today has a common dream, to become an entrepreneur. The main thing which stops the majority is the huge investment needed for this. Blogging business is the solution here. Blogging is a business with a very low investment and a big income. All you need is some knowledge to write in English and a few dollars.

So what you think now? You still need that corporate job, where you work all night and stress out to get paid a salary which gets over in the first week of the month. The choice is yours and if you feel like you need a help, feel free to comment here or contact me. If you are still confused, don’t think again just quit job and start blogging today.


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