Things to do before starting your own blogging business

Things to do before starting your own blogging business

Blogging can be a great way which can help you get rid of that hectic job you always hated. Many people see blogging as a hobby they can do. But in reality, the field of blogging is much wider. If you take it seriously, blogging can take you to the entrepreneur status you always wanted. All you need to do is write good and give enough time to work things out on your blog. But there are several things to do before starting your own blogging business. Please read through to find out.

For people who think blogging is not that big thing which will change your life, you should read about Indian bloggers like Amit Agarwal. From a job in a big corporate Amit Agarwal moved into blogging and earning few crores every year. Are you surprised yet? But I would say there is nothing to get surprised about because blogging does have that potential. It can be a successful business which can drive a handsome income for you with enough work.

Things to do before starting your own blogging business

So decided to start a blog today? Don’t just rush make sure you get things sorted. Rushing and starting a blog on that random topic which you think people are interested in can be a bad idea. There are few things you should decide before moving on to work on your dream blog. I’mĀ listing here the 4 important things to do before starting your own blogging business, please read through.

4 important things to do before starting your own blogging business

Everybody would suggest getting a domain and hosting as the first thing to do before blogging. But there are other importantĀ things to do before starting your own blogging business. The hosting and domain only come when you are all set and ready to go with a blog for the rest of the world. Before going for that you get these 4 things sorted out.

Understand about blogging

Before calling yourself a blogger, make sure you have understood what blogging actually is. Many people think it as just shooting out their views to the rest of the world. You can do it that way, but if you are trying to become a successful blogger who can earn from your blogs, you need to do the hard work. Nothing pays without any work, not even your own blogs. The aim is to make readers visit your blog regularly with engaging content which is written well. So ask your self the question are you capable of writing good and engaging content? If your answer is a yes, you are qualified to be a successful blogger.

Select a niche

A blog always revolves around the niche it is about. Starting a blog and writing randomly about things is not a good idea to do. You should select a niche and write on it, this is the only way you can keep your readers to regularly visit your blog. Make sure you have a relevant idea about the niche you select, and that it interests you. If you need to make users engaged to what you write, you should be able to give the correct information. So select a niche you are comfortable with.

Select a blog name

This is where you need to be careful and creative at the same time. Your blog name is the identity of your blogging business and you should make sure you have selected a good one. The name should be relevant to your niche and attractive to the readers. Your blog name should be:

  • Relevant to the niche and targeted readers
  • Easy to pronounce and remember
  • Not too long (less 10 letters)
  • No hyphens or symbols used
  • Unique

Select the blog builder

You have a lot of options in this case. You can either code on your own (if you are a developer) or use tools like WordPress or Wix. I would strongly suggest WordPress because you won’t find anything better than that even if you are ready to pay

Now if you are decided with all the above and feeling motivated enough, you are good to go. Now you can go on and do the technical part (not too technical though) of getting a domain and hosting. The tips to build a whole blog from scratch will be updated as a new blog soon, stay tuned to us.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the blog about things to do before starting your own blogging business. If you have any queries or feedbacks please shoot a comment below.


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